Border Collie Australian Shepherd Mix – Border Aussie Puppies

Just like many other designer dogs, the Australian Shepherd Border Collie mix pup (who is also called Border-Aussie and Australian Collie) takes positive traits of both the parents in order to become the perfect dog. This dog came into existence after successfully breeding the Australian Shepherd and the Border Collie. This breed came into existence to become an excellent herding dog. Since this is a working dog, if you are bringing him home, you would need to ensure that he has a “job”. The best work for this border collie australian shepherd mix breed is to be a herding dog for cattle.

Before going into more details, let us first get to know this breed in brief:

  • Maintenance: You would need to groom your dog quite regularly to ensure that the kin and the fur remain healthy.
  • Hair fall: No matter which weather you live in, you would need to brush your dog as often as you can.
  • Kid Friendly: This dog is not for families with little kids, especially if you are adopting an adult dog. If you have a puppy, you can train him to be friendly with other kids. Even when he is friendly, ensure that you provide plenty of exercises and play time.
  • Training: You will have to repeat your orders a couple of times for your dog to understand what you wish to convey. But once he understands, he would obey you each time you use that command.
  • Activity Level: This dog is very active, so if you have an active lifestyle he would fit in right with you.

How will the Border Aussie puppies adjust to you?

General Information

While on one hand he loves being busy (can become destructive if left free), he also minds doing repetitive tasks. So, your role would be to ensure that your australian shepherd border collie mix puppies are not only busy, they are also entertained. This dog breed tends to be quite active. But, if you give proper exercise, you will find he is a quiet pet. He loves playing, so anytime you mention play or walk, you would be surprised at the overly enthusiastic response.

Border Aussie Puppies Pictures


  1. Size: The dog usually weighs between thirty to seventy-five pounds and can be termed as a medium breed. Although depending on your puppy’s ancestry, he can be small or large as well.
  2. Face: Over the years, the Border Collie Australian Shepherd mix looks more like the former than the later. Many dogs of this breed have heterochromia, so they may have eyes of two different colors. The color of the eye/s can be green, blue, or brown. They tend to have extremely expressive faces and eyes, so you may find yourself wondering just how much they understand.
  3. Fur: The tail of this breed is quite feathery, you will also find a lot of fluff on his legs. Make sure you groom your dog in a way that you avoid unnecessary matting as it could lead to a lot of skin issues. The interesting thing about the coat of this dog is that while its texture is like the Australian Shephard, its length is similar to a Border Collie. The coat can be black, white, beige, red or blue merle. It is very likely that your dog would also have tan markings. Sometimes, your dog might have spots or specks on his coat. The color of the coat can be inherited from either of his parents.


If you wish to have a dog and to think to yourself, “Oh my god! He is so sweet!”, you should get the Border Aussie Puppies. If you can keep him entertained, then you would find no better companion. Since he is a herding dog, you would need to think of jobs that would attract him, guarding your house is not one of them. Guarding is boring, and he is too energetic to be a good guard dog. This is a very quiet breed and is not prone to barking much, so you won’t be facing any issues from bothersome neighbors on this front.

You need to keep in mind that just like any other canine, this is a family oriented pet, so will want to stay with you all for as much time as possible. In order to avoid the cases of separation anxiety, avoid leaving him alone for long periods of time. The importance of keeping him entertained cannot be stated more, if you love your furniture, you better step up your doggy-entertaining game. You are not getting away with just about anything, Border Collies are the smartest dogs in the world, obviously you need to up the ante for his kid.

On the whole, this is a great breed for those without kids. It would be an added advantage if you have previous experience of living with a smart and active dog.

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